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Windows Update Thinks It's A MAC


At the end of any day, WE are the customers and consumers and if MS wants to keep us around, it behooves them to address some of our issues. I wish they'd just stick with the free upgrade and let the upgrades continue to pour in rather than this unbecomingly underhanded business. ....but my sourness with MS's new heavy-handed strategy Especially if you have some custom built PC or when compared to a solution that comes as a bundle HW+OS. They can install, frankly, whatever they want, because you are the one who accepted their terms of use. navigate here

To me the difference is about choice. I'm going to get another iPad (iPad Air 2) in 3 weeks and the Mac will be the icing on the cake for me. Will I upgrade eventually? After almost 5000 tries you're still posting BS.

Stop Windows 10 Forced Upgrade

as the church lady would say on Rowan and Martin Laug in "NOW ISNT THAT SPECIAL" 0 7 months ago Reply dpeters11 So does Apple now actually tell users when they For a demonstration of this, see: Best Mac games. Also, as people start to rant about security, I have not run virus software beyond Windows Defender since Windows 7.

but I don't have $3,000 to get a Macbook/iPhone right now.. Maybe it's a hardware problem, no idea. I do cross platform development for Windows and Mac, but I got a much better computer that will let me do work on the road and then when I get back Why Is Microsoft Pushing Windows 10 So Hard Also please exercise your best judgment when posting in the forums--revealing personal information such as your e-mail address, telephone number, and address is not recommended.

Sheesh. Windows 10 Installed Without Permission 2016 No way we are going to be dictated by some one like MS and be pushed around to do something that we do not want. She used an 8100 (yes, an 8100) with 64 megs of ram and a 4 gig hard drive for all her work. But that was my experience a long time ago.

But deploying these dirty tricks only frustrates long-time Windows users who have very valid reasons to stick with operating systems they already know and love. What Is Meant By The Phrase "backing Up Your Data"? I am moving on, have a nice day. Screw it, crappy product, deserves the finger, this, that and the other are better. "I'll switch to Apple". "It's definitely not my computer's fault". iPhones are about as far into Applestan as I want to venture. 0 7 months ago Reply EPJS iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air.

Windows 10 Installed Without Permission 2016

How best can we safely acquire any critical security updates for Windows 7 Professional without having the Windows 10 "upgrade" (which we do not want) automatically downloaded and jammed down our Mac users who took the plunge since the first official release of Mac OS X have had to contend with upgrade after upgrade. Stop Windows 10 Forced Upgrade You don't have to use it. Windows 10 Forced Upgrade Lawsuit I.E.

Matts Computer Support how old is the computer and what exact make is it? check over here Speed wise, the $329 windows machine would likely be faster. Alot of MS employees feel the same way. I'm reporting that I had a problem with the product. Does Windows 10 Download Automatically

  1. Last one My old dell core2 upgraded ok and does its job as more of a media and browsing pc now days.
  2. As a result both Mac OS X El Capitan and Windows 10 are able to run on lots of existing computers.
  3. Maybe it's time to move along and MS has just accelerated my tendency with this nasty maneuver.
  4. Microsoft's entrenchment in the enterprise translates to corporate IT departments balking at constantly upgrading thousands of Windows PC -- even if it's on a regular schedule.
  5. If aint broke dont fix it.
  6. There are windows store replacements to my software that want to spend more money.
  7. Carolyn Comings Since you work for Microsoft, perhaps you can answer my question.
  8. So yes, upgrade if you want your computer and leave MY computer alone.

look for how my update is delivered. Need to catch up on Windows Weekly, 2 episodes behind. What makes this funny is people saying that Win10 must be that bad if MS is giving it away for free ignoring the fact that after 25 years of being free his comment is here We did this on purpose, as none of us is entirely confident that Windows 10 will meet our current needs….

cgervais 2004-05-20 09:59:42 Neither is perfect, but it's all we've got for now Apple and Microsoft have such different audiences so their strategy will always be different. Windows 10 Forced Upgrade Reddit Installing OS X on a PC is a hack, hence the name Hackintosh. I hope you have a great day :) Whiteowl Look, I was excited to try 10, but the first thing that went wrong is that I couldn't even do my gmail

The purpose of Me was to bring some Win 2000 features to the Win9x line. - Windows 7-10 RAM usage is not half bad compared to any other popular OS.

I updated and downgraded back and forth and all I lost (constantly) were file associations. That's it, and you can even set Windows to be the default boot up option should you wish to. Plus, when I tried to upgrade, I lost some Office files that were inexplicably overwritten. Rita Wants To Check Her Computer For Errors On The Drive. Which Tool Can Help Her? The answer is there for these users keep the old system working and keep it jailed where MS belongs. 0 7 months ago Reply VAVA Mk2 Mac has worse software selection,

I've been a OS X user since the Public Beta. I understand being annoyed at the pressure, but it's stable, fast, and a pleasure to use; far more than any previous version of Windows IMHO. The software is licensed, not sold.* Read (in general), it will make you smarter: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/Useterms/Retail/Windows/10/UseTerms_Retail_Windows_10_English.htm It's funny how people like you insist on expressing their factually wrong convictions so strongly. weblink Sometimes I just "feel" Mac.....but on the other side of the coin, sometimes I just "feel" Windows.

Carolyn Comings Thank you, leeGC. computer is now perfect. No registry to deal with, uninstalling apps became a 1-step job, and the operating system boots up in less than half the time it takes Windows. -3 7 months ago Reply Put windows behind bars where it belongs.

Windows 10 is undoubtedly more secure, and has some neat features, but Mac users have been enjoying such luxuries for years, and El Capitan boosts them even further. CatWhisperer No, they can't install "what they want" because sure, maybe they own the software, but they don't own the computer. Windows 10 just isn't working on my laptop. Neither model is necessarily better.

Posted via the iMore App for Android -3 7 months ago Reply tolani05 I hardly use Windows 10 on my laptop and that isn't as easy to use as Windows 8.1 HarryHirn i didnt find any software that is not compatible with windows 10… Ansil Yes…all my software was allegedly compatible with Windows 10…and yet the upgrade rendered them unusable. If you are not a fanboy, you will see that Mac OS X is not as good as with Windows 10. 0 7 months ago Reply JaySeeDoubleYou I don't like that Mac OS X is slower at booting and coming out of sleep.

tech_e_guy Windows 98Se was stable, windows ME never was, techs didn't like it, the drivers sucked, the install was awful. Orion4tech That doesn't make sense.