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Recovery Console Stuck-only Returns C: Prompt


The specific procedures on how to use them is beyond the scope of this article which is long enough already! Using the Recovery Console is more complicated than using the ERD. I LOVE You! Note that during this particular startup Windows needs to rebuild itself and it will take some time so be patient. check over here

A boot sector is a boot sector. Can you post complete details and the whole history here please? Both tools work on volumes formatted with either FAT or NTFS, so you can format a system partition with NTFS and still have access to troubleshooting tools. The screen with the "Configuring Updates 3-of-3 0%" message keeps coming up in any mode - safe, netwrking, command prompt, or start windows normally ALL bring me back to that screen,

Windows 10 Safe Mode

Alexandra It helped but the problem i that my system restore doesnt even show up! =( Any advice? To do this, we will issue three commands in this step: C:\ATTRIB -H C:\BOOT.INI C:\ATTRIB -R C:\BOOT.INI C:\ATTRIB -S C:\BOOT.INI to remove the Hidden, System and Read Only flags. i just want to make sure everything is correct thus far so i dont completely destroy my computer

The size is displayed before name, 57,344 / 40,960 / 94,868,128 are sizes and Let us now begin with a step-by-step instruction for correcting these issues.

Open the Local Security Policy Tool in the Administrative Tools folder and migrate to Local Policies/Security Options. Use the /D switch to change current drive in addition to changing current directory for a drive. Why are you even here when you don't use windows? 6 Mar 2011 ~ 3:54am ding What if I don't have a Windows XP CD? 6 Mar 2011 ~ 4:37pm primesuspect do a new setup 2.

Only D: does. –Hello71 Jul 19 '10 at 16:41 Haha, yeah, I just caught that. –jrc03c Jul 19 '10 at 16:42 add a comment| up vote 28 down vote Command Prompt Commands Forgot the administrators password? In XP, it doesn't require the SELECT command. And then a pop up will come up asking you a Yes or No question.

Select the installation number, (As mentioned, "1″ in most cases), and hit enter. To show the file sizes of the originals just execute the dir command. I LOVE You! Have a digital camera, take a picture of all screen and upload them here would be a big help.

  1. i can access the CD.
  2. Please advise.
  3. Just follow what I did below.

Command Prompt Commands

This last step also requires no screenshot. From now on I'm getting an anti virus marcel When I switch my computer on all the icons showes but no wording under the icons also if I click on start Windows 10 Safe Mode Of course this is just being nitpicky (which I excel at). 14 Aug 2010 ~ 5:57am louise Thank You sooooooo Much , that helped 100% . System Restore Windows 10 I will describe it from the initial boot. 1.

This fixed up my issue immediately. check my blog Your security information (e.g., policies, accounts, passwords) will be unchanged because the Registry doesn't store that information. According to your first link, BOTH must not show any disks. If not make it so! Dos Commands

Initially you see some hard drive activity but then nothing. at each 'level' to get more info. Setup will read from setup.log (the record of all files originally installed) on the ERD and perform the repair operation you selected when you created the ERD. http://relite.org/windows-10/unknown-prompt-command-on-my-startup.php Simply press ENTER.

You see the POST (Pwr On Self Test) complete as normal. Gerald Just type in rstrui.exe and hit enter Guest Try typing this: c:windowssystem32restorerstrui.exe and then press Enter. Good luck and happy hunting.

Awai91, I'm sorry but which one of the VERY OLD entries are you?

Enable the first property to log on to the Recovery Console without requiring an Administrator password. I rearranged all files to be as close to the center of the disc to try to improve boot speed and the time it takes for switching OS's. If the disks display, it is not. I had to get someone to help me with the Windows 7 reinstall.

I've chosen safe mode and several lines of "multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(0)...." come up and then it reboots to same message. C:\WINDOWS>exitExit the recovery console and Restart!As before, You may need to cycle power as ctrl-alt-del may not work You can remove the XP CD from your optical drive and put it The Last Known Good Configuration menu and the Safe Mode boot options aren't always enough to bring a wounded installation to its feet. http://relite.org/windows-10/acear-command-prompt-will-not-start-window-normally.php At the X: prompt, what does DIR C: show?

Also, the center of the disk is not the fastest. Make note of this date so we can reference it further along in the process. I am now trying another reset to see if that works.

I have been on the phone with both Windows and Lenovo all night. This step verifies the integrity of the hard drive containing the Windows XP installation.