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BSOD (Memory_Management) - can't load windows

Problems with the taskbar.

Deleted Registry File

Please help me fix intermittent BSOD errors

Graphics not smooth some times in windows 7?

Hidden task interrupting full screen.

Windows Laggy! Why?

cannot see the task bar

Connecting a network printer on Vista

Columns in WLM

Proplems updating need help.

Windows 10 is making my HDD randomly spike up to 100% usage

Computer Doesn't Sleep When In Sleep Mode

System lags upon boot

Windows 10 app sound

Can't get past windows loading screen.

Interesting Windows freeze

Computer randomly freezing (no BSOD)

Desktop Icons Broken

irrtating issues during internet log on

Is there some way for my computer to automatically shut itself off at a later time?

Store won't open

chkdsk! please help

Problems installing Windows 10 and idle BSOD

HELP ! NO SOUND DEVICE and also no speaker icon on bottom right of desktop!

Pc error log

Cannot connect to internet after upgrading to W10 and reverting to W7

Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB3097617 Installation Problems

Profile resetting after every login

PC crashed and wont boot

Access partition via other partition

cannot shut down my pc

Task Manager processes larger

Locking up after a few hours continuous use (like a heat issue

Installer Hangs and is unstable. on CLEAN INSTALL!

Icons on the Desktop

Flickering desktop and frozen mouse

I keep getting weird files appear on my Desktop

Windows Theme reverting to Classic for 3 sec and Audio Stop Working/Crash

Trying to create a barebones user account

Page_Fault BSOD

system is taking long to open & close

windows 7 restore : error 414

TDR problem

WiFi Problem Can't connect to secured networks

Serious help.lags/glitch every 7 secs or so.

windows 7 never loads past the logo!

Mouse movement causing jerky video in IE9

Help with BSOD (please!)

No admin access

Page Fault in Nonpaged Area/Kernel Mode Exception Not Handled

Volume control icon won't load in tray on startup

xp activation after upgrading mobo and processor

Driver issues

nvidia update made broadcom disappear

Calculator opening multiple windows apparently unaided :<

Windows 8.1 will not refresh/restore or upgrade to Win10

win7 doesn't open .iso file

ntoskrnl.exe corrupt

Blue Screen and Windows stuck on shut down loop

Enabling autoplay

Logon then right back off

Windows 10 Can't Reach Login Screen. (Probably need to reinstall

Automatic Windows Update starting to choke my computer?!

No Logon/Logoff sound

Windows will not boot following update

problems after pc crash

Cannot activate Windows 10 Pro

Unable to Boot OS - Windows Vista

New to this - Sound Problems

BSOD's - very unstable machine.

Installed Memory different

Using backup image to solve problems

Oblivion issues

Believe I have a corrupt Windows Registry.

Trying to get some help with this LAN problem.

Win XP refuses unsecured internet browsing

Screen FLickering Virus? Logs in post

doesn't load login screen

Programs keep freezing

Ethernet connection not responding

How do I switch to Windows 8?

Problems following Windows Update This Morning (October 20

Computer Freezes - need help diagnosing

power managment issues on laptop

network connections after sp 2 installed

reader_s.exe problem

Ridiculous Slow startup time

Twitching mouse pointer and Weird file names

Windows 10 Update issue

shadows around icons and text

10 Minute Startup Bar on Windows Home Freshly Installed

Boot screen seems slow?

Will Not Sleep or Hibernate


Windows account reset

expand recovery partition

bought a new mobo

Problems after Windows 8 Upgrade

Progams won't work

Mysterious Software Update / Install Problems

Windows 10 Driver issue with Nvidia GeForce GTX 570

Freeze After Logon Caused By Wrong Driver

My programs bar has just gone

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