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New problem with Windows XP and ASUS Bluetooth


Windows 7 NIC shuts off randomly

Random freezes after storm

Windows Search indexes

Windows 10 upgrade identifying monitor as too high a resolution

post-deployment pc woes

Finding A Progam

flashing hourglass

Regional Settings Problem

Windows 7 asks to confirm the open program actions

Time is not updating

BSOD at address ntoskrn.exe+ 142760

Should i upgrade to windows 7?

PC Freezing. Virus checked and in need of help!

Bluescreens. I want to re-install Win 10. activation key?

Windows 8 corrupt System file

Eradicate vs. Reinstall?

Will an upgrade fix this?

Windows doesnt go beyond boot screen!

Explorer Crashes After 10 Minutes of Turning On Computer

Problem with my driver - sptd

Extremely slow file operations on Windows 10?

XP Pro installs but won't read CD's

Programs will not work

Please Help Sysem Errors Freezing Taskbar Popups

[Windows 7 64bit] Can't stop sleep mode from turning on.

Chkdsk will not run

Changing Syetem language

Strange problem with WMP and Office

Start Menu Most frequently used missing


Failing to update to the latest builds of Windows 10? Here are 5 fixes.

Extreme slowing of my laptop


Super slow start up! Can anyone help?

Something affecting keyboard and mouse behaviour [moved from Security]

intermittent freeze immediately after startup

Unknown prompt command on my startup

No sound from Window's XP program events

PC freezing

Hibernate does not work

User accounts problem

128GB of hard disk space used with 3 temp files!

PC restarts without notice

Red circle in the taskbar and brastk

Block Win 10 from downloading

Microsoft has released a Windows 10 update to fix power/sleep issues

SVCHOST.exe related to internet

screen wont wake

Autorun.exe won't run

Windows 10 Repair DVD will not boot

Windows 7 reinstall freezes after reformat

load up problems

Constant BSODs after login and using chrome

[resolved] Sound Device doesnt work after.

Can't scan or defrag any of my drives

Direct X Help

bottom task bar

Internet Throttled after Update

New Computer - Should I Install XT SP 3 - If So - When Pls?

Computer text all changed. Not even a language.

Morrowind on Vista problems

Microsoft printing issues - huge list of fixes?

desktop not loading-virus?

Apple ITunes conflict with Windows 7?

Screen has been going black (twice) since graphics driver update

Help - no log-on screen

Compatibility b/w XP OS and i7 processor

slow startup-unlclear malware issue

unable to change desktop and view thumbnails

Some info for new win 10 users

Vista lags out quick fix

Windows 7 Using All Network Bandwidth

PC installation problem

i have a lot of problems on my computer to sort out

Driver won't stop trying to install on startup. Causing performance issues.

problems with windows 10

Computer Really Slow - Spyware?

After Windows 10 installion

can't create recover drive?

Help! Really messed up my Windows Vista Install

Long Boot and Shutdown times

Sluggish PC/Programs unresponsive

Lost all USB drivers including HUB root

Windows 10 odd permissions

System Config. problem (can't get in Normal Mode) (RESOLVED)

(Resolved) Strange Windows Update Woes.

Incredible i have reinstall windows but the problem persist

Windows10 Error

Windows Update and Scan disk defrag problems

ipconfig problem

Getting bold letters in intermittent window boxes

Lap top won't turn on after installating windows 10

Issues with connecting via ethernet after windows re-install

Where did my user account go?

No Recovery Disc-?

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional - DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FULL VERSION AND OEM?

System is slow and jerky

computer waking up

Constantly BSOD's and Freezes

Problem installing new programs

Newbie bsod. Wont boot

All icons / shortcuts have stopped working?

Explorer Search finds nothing even after reindexing drive

Taskmanager won't open / slow system performance

Reinstallation issues

Can't open application

Unable to Boot OS

Errors detected in DDS scan for windows 10

Can't install windows using upgrade

prevent access to gpedit

_VERY_ Slow booting after installing Science/Math Software Suite

Cannot log into windows!

Eudora Lite with small installation file

PC running slow/pages taking a bit longer to load

Registry Fault Repairs

Is Windows 10 ready?

DirectX Installation?

New CPU's and Windows 10 (ONLY!)

BSOD on Windows 7 when running Bit torrent

&&'System&&' Process in Task Manager Tons of Memory Usage

self restarting of comp :upset:

laptop sometimes crashes on wake

PC Running Slow/ All audio and video files skipping

Choppy Computer

Windows Updates causing endless reboot loop

lost function of the Windows logo on task bar

Windows Update - little orange marks in front of some updates' names

cannot manually go into sleep mode now?

computer goes into a loop after welcome screen or freezes

Shutdown/powerdown Issue

Internet does not work in normal mode after Windows 7 updates

Frequent Explorer

Uncontrollable scrolling

Bluescreen - Dirver_IRQL_not_less_or_equal

Unable to reset PC using system restore Usb

BSoD minidumps

My Computer Doesn't like sleeping.

Start Menu > Control Panel

Having problems with Installing Windows

Unknown stuff taking up memory

automatic download when modem switched on

High usage of RAM

System restarting after detectiong sound . . .

Toshiba Laptop Keeps Rebooting After Windows Tries TO LOad!

Quick Time & iTunes upgrade problems

Bsod end_of_evaluation_period

Annoying XP tags problem HELP NEEDED URGENTLY

How can I turn off computer's request for a password?

my pc crashes

slow and stuttering sound

Windows 8.1 & Email

slow shut-downs and start-ups

Windows crashes when starting up?

Windows activation - please help

Synaptic Touchpad Scrolling Problem

windows partition C: (8gb) filled with invisible clutter.

microsoft question

my folders wont open please help soon.heres my log

-Application Error - 0xc0000005

software not installing

No icons or taskbar

Help! Problem with Display Settings!

Laptop sound skipping / Processing lag. Please Help

Directx Installation help

Make bootable windows 7 dvd problem.

My mic keeps getting turned down

Can't access bios with windows 10

Vista Audio Device Not Working Issue

No Bluetooth Option in Control Panel

Desktop Keeps Shutting Itself Off (Windows 10)

Problems with windows programs

Windows Rebooting by itself! Crashing. need help!

Random freezes on Win10

random freezes and crashes

Stop: c000021a {fatal system error} the windows logon Process system

Massive Windows 7 Problem

Unable to restore factory settings!

Virtual Desktops in Windows 10 ? The Power of Windows?Multiplied

Windows Update thinks it's a MAC

Can I uninstall Vista and still keep my files?

Windows 10 File Access Levels Users

Application and IE Title Bar's "flash" (lose focus) - IE randomly shuts down

Windows 10 will not work

Audio Problem.

Windows 10 Patch Strategy: IT Dream Or Nightmare?

Older application won't start.

Unable to log in to Windows 10

Problem with RAM in Vista. Vista uses all my RAM when installing a program/game.

BSOD Mini-Dump

start menu and taskbar problem

Bluetooth has disappeared

Sudden Slow Downs - After Windws Update

Long boot and shut down times

Full version or Upgrade Version?

No Volume control for sound card

Explorer.exe / ntdll.dll crash. Explorer closes and reloads.

Multiple problems mostly applications taking 5-10 mins to load.

window install problem

Computer gets stuck when reformatting

Desktop icons and taskbar disappeared [MOVED FROM WINDOWS]

Playback devices disappear after a while [Highly annoying]

Computer wake up call.

File Creation Dates Change/Windows Explorer 7 keeps stopping

DirectX upgrade issue?

BSOD And Random Crashes please help!

start menu does not show some programs

Boot optimizer shut down

Windows 7 laptop wont work right freezing

Weird login error after I switch user or screensaver appears

transfer email addresses from Vista

Problem with Shut Down

Constantly freezing when trying to do anything - Brand new install

Computer Freezing Sporadically and BSODs

Performance Problem-PC taking 10 minutes to boot up

Unfixable tcp/ip issue?

Please help: random BSOD and hangs

Web links on desktop do not open

Can't boot normally after Windows Updates

Which network connection?

Issues with sound

Windows 10: Security and Identity Protection for the Modern World

Can't get rid of Desktop Search

printer driver problem w/windows seven

Random Disconnects/ Minidump

Windows error 0x21a at startup

Help! Rolling back of an installing programme

Logitech Cordless mouse not responding on startup?

BSOD / Hard Hangs

Problems Running A Network On SP2

Frequent BSODs from my new ASUS Laptop

UAC - User Account Control will not allow any entry into the Password Box.

Font looks weird on computer

how do i get admin privileges back

Cannot Double Click Any Icons. Must Right Click Run As Admin

Having sound issues

Computer Devices Don't Work After Sleep

Norton 360 Issue

No Anti Virus Software Will Install - Help Urgently Required

computer slowing down and dowloaded videos jumpy

[resolved] Blank Desktop

Want Standby but have Hibernate

Will my license key work after re-installation?

Computer Lagging on initial attempt to open new link in browser.

Windows can't play audio

Email synchronisation problems

Icons and toolbar disappeared.

having problems after updating video drivers

Sound doesn't work; blaming windows

something I didnt ask for is in the task bar

Freezing folder

Just Running a Bit Slow

BSODs randomly

Random shutdown/Failure to reboot.

laptop is very very very slow after recent problem with display

Big problem with Windows startup

Uninstalled hardware won't come back

Internet explorer not working after windows update

PC Reboots/Popups/Extremly Slow.Please Help!?!

Windows looping during logon

Play all in explorer to start Windows Media player

Latest MS update

Calc.exe - Random Crash

Whole computer freezes for about 10 second every time i try to do anything

Spybot still in memory

my O/S crashes every week

waking out of hibernation

BSOD on loading heavy Apps.

Crashing Consistantly

Moved from Laptop Support: Laptop restarts at boot

Fresh Windows 10 install

SOME Excel Japanese dialogue boxes not displaying

Windows 10 Custom Themes

File dl window

Internet No Longer Working and Update Issues.

Recovery Console Stuck-only returns C: prompt

Extra (empty) drives

STOP 0x00008086 Blue screen error

Audio + Video jumping and skipping

can't open c drive and restart loop

Index Search Isn't Working Properly - Windows 7

Microsoft new spyware protection " garbage "

Very annoying sartup problem

video wont play on Windows Media Player 10

Cannot click the right-arrow in start menu to shut down.

New Windows Don't Expand

Computer freezes then restarts

Blue screen and freezing problem

Startup very SLOW + wireless freezes (Followed posting instructions this time)

Multiple sound output through USB and mini-jack (on windows 7)

application switching is slow

Enough Mobo Drivers For Windows 10?

Start Up Crashing/Rebooting

Hangs after fresh install

Pc slow to shut down and startup

Windows 10 ? The First 24 Hours

Vista Freezing/Crashing. Software or Hardware Problem?

Computer is getting choppy

no icons or start toolbar help

can't play ( mp3 )

BSOD radom crash

programs dont open/disappear

Keyboard shortcuts have slow response

W10 Settings and internal modern apps not opening

Frequent BSOD's

New Window Problem

all sound is choppy

Win 10 Q's - 2nd Display and Install DVD

Windows won't recognize my iPod

16-bit apps.

corrupt or missing ntoskrnl.exe at startup

Windows 10 ignores turning on anti-virus

Bsod driver_irql_not_lesslor_equal

Windows Installer preventing Itunes installation

Vista not saving user settings/files

Realtek High Definition Audio + No Sound or Playback Devices

Network log in at start up

How do I lock a window?

Issue Activating Bitlocker

Trouble Turning off Computer

acear command prompt will not start window normally

howtomake amd boot faster?

Activation problem

WinSAT.exe - How to disable?

Program not installing

Possible Defrag issue or Drivers?

Explorer windows slow to respond

Problem opening folders

my software is gone!

Stuck in Safe Mode because I used msconfig?

Can't Defrag

I need to automatically launch a command window on reboot with admin privele

Windows 10 Constant BSOD

windows 7 quick launch/start menu issue

Windows Automatic Update - very sloooow

User not showing in start menu

all folder icons missing and other program icons missing

?windows corrupted?

PC taking 10 mins to start up

BSOD- Computer freezes

Vista Doesn't Want To Boot.

slow sluggish performance

Help! Computer stuck when reformatting

Constant popups and warnings with erroneous messages - Ultimate Defender 2

Urgent. Network connection problem

Can a program be added as an exeption to the UAC?

Ran Fixes now just having blue screen problems ; continued from previous topic

Logon prompt screen missing

Shortcuts Broken?

Disable Video thumbnails on folder icons

Can't open applications.

Windows Insiders get free upgrade path to Windows 10

Windows Updates crashes PC

Win10 9926 lost start menu & metro

update fails. and fails. and fails

My Pictures folder slow to open

Windows 7 Upgrade Question

Windows 7 x64 on Acer Aspire M3920 with EFI BIOS does not shutdown.

widnows crashing!

Folder's wont open

No PIN login option after WIN 10 Anniversary upgrade

very very random BSOD's. please help.!

Major Windows Internet Problem

Auto-play for external devices

Scroll lag/Windows movement lag?

Cannot now play commercial CDs?

How can I change the destination of the My Music shortcut in the Start Menu

Windows XP ntokrnl.exe Error

Strange sudden problem with 3rd party browsers

Win 7 "Set Up Backup" Wont Open

Most of my drivers arent working. aka i have a screwed up computer. HELP!

Various Windows Issues

Problem with screen resolution

dual boot destruction. help needed with mounting clones

I can't assign keyboard shorcuts for desktop icons?

Problems program windows deselecting/minimizing

Should i upgrade to win7?

Windows 8 'stuck' on 32 bit

How to disable Win7 short cuts?

Very slow post and boot. please help!

Windows processes using large RAM

File browser crashing

Will not open windows os. aggrivating.

How can I stop the start bar from dissapearing during full screen mode on IE7?

Add DOS in a separate partition

security centre does not recognise AVG 7.5 after I ran spybot-search & destroy

Problems with a screen saver

please list programs that do or dont work on vista

PC crash weird trace

Computer Lags on Startup & After Unlock

[resolved] Config corrupt to blank screen

Windows XP SP2 doesn't remember network share passwords

Microphone Doesn't Work on XP SP3 With Boot Camp

Freezing Computer

can't see highlight box when highlighting on desktop

PC Freezing (No Actual BSOD's)

problems with drivers

Windows Mail Contacts

HJT keeps closing

Boot screen + Windows boot very delayed

No program can open on computer?

any icon cannot be opened

System hangs when I use search

windows crashing please help!

prograorms deleted from windows

Itunes does not appear on Programs and Features


having problems with pop-ups and not able to install norton internet securityh

Desktop Folder Icons Messed Up

lock screen without putting computer to sleep

Explorer & Programs Freeze - Getting Worse

Computer freeze ups. bsod?

now my laptop.thanks for moving other thread

iTunes not installing

Video and audio playback problems

The majority of my programs won't open

Blue Screen Driver_IRQL_not_less_or_equal

Unable to move/resize windows

dual os troubles

slow display problem in explorer icon view

png files not listed in Explorer

Large desktop icons reset with Steam

Windows Updates breaking IE and Anti-virus

Random daily restarts/shutdowns

Taskbar Problem

Missing start task bar

New Member - System Issue after Microsoft Update

Recommended Process for Clean Win 7 install to Win 10 Upgrade (While changing Boot)

Wallpaper won't display - help!

Find search will not open.

strange problem-- can't start apps

windows xp wont boot black screen

BSODS and Dumps

Vista Installation problems after power button

Problem loading windows

Weird problem with My Documents & My Pictures

Desktop task bar problem

Networking Setup Problems.

Is there a way to hide icons in the taskbar?

Major Issues With Desktop Even After Format

Eliminating Windows 10 upgrade messages

Disable Windows automatic update?

Check disk is running for 50 hours now.

Help! How Do I Delete This Blank Icon File?

Windows Activation is being a * nuisance

Touchpad acting up on startup.

Constant Windows Updates and Slow PC

system freezing intermittently

BSOD puzzle

making a new restore CD

Problem with powering down


Cannot Add New Contacts to Windows Contacts

Windows open on taskbar

Stuck in restart loop

Windows 10 Pro Bugcheck Watchdog violation

want to get rid of the opening tiles

disk error trouble (possibly from degrag)

weird windows problems

Laptop Shares Not Working

Windows 7 x64 on Acer Aspire M3920 does not shutdown.

RESOLVED: my http toolbar has disapeared


Nework sharing on Vista

Windows 10 help!

Add/Remove Program will not Open

Windows 10 Will Not Scan

Vista for system builders and retail vista

Custom cursors don't automaticly load

Get computer is updating everytime I shut down computer

Stange Issue after XP update

system recovery freezes at finish

My Screen Goes All Pixely

User Account Control keeps turning itself off!

computer's being plagued by weird programs i didn't agree to download.

Microsoft Connect Issues

No Hibernate or Screen Saver

XP wireless backup

The icons on my desktop are not normal.

Somebody please help - my system tray is causing explorer to crash

Computer is very slow spyware ?

taskbar rebooting problem

Shut down & Power error

Repeated BSOD Issues

XP updates effecting network access

Vista won't allow iTunes to download

Direct X will not install Properly on Windows XP Pro

Virus that is crippeling my computer

Media Centre Laptop locked i boot circle

Unable to initiate windows startup after input profile password

Windows Freezing

Problems with connections

Help! vista freezing as desktop loads

Kernel-Power 41 (63) error PC crashes & reboots during gaming

Problem after fix.

Problem with Chinese text in Chinese Windows XP

Windows Backup disk image question

Windoes Doesn't remember settings.

Windows Registry Permission Errors

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