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What is the purpose of the D3DCREATE_PUREDEVICE flag? The Ultimate edition combines all features of both the consumer and corporate editions into one version. Windows XP supports no-execute memory protection which helps prevent malicious programs and can aid debugging. when you have messed up the order of the fields TFF and BFF). http://relite.org/what-is/question-about-xp-file-system-for-hd-format.php

SetVertexDeclaration can be called in place of SetFVF because it supports vertex declarations that cannot be expressed with an FVF. directx rasterization asked Oct 30 '16 at 14:24 marshal craft 991 0 votes 0answers 7 views Piping DirectX debug messages into log4net? In short if you have a DX12 capable system but are on Windows Vista, you're going to be running at the lower Direct X version.Direct X, mind you, is technology that uwp directx directx-11 directxtk asked Jan 11 at 17:52 Tam HANNA 64 0 votes 1answer 26 views How to derive index buffer from .obj faces?

What Is Maya's Default Shader/material When Creating Primitives Is Which Of The Following Materials?

What is the noise level as read on my oscilloscope? Games Explorer can still be found on the Start menu (by clicking All Programs and then double-clicking Games), and the direct Games shortcut can be enabled by the user. If however, you want to switch to the fixed function pipeline and have previously used a vertex shader, call SetVertexShader(NULL). How do I create multichannel audio with WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE?

Login Register Login Username: Password: Lost Password? You probably installed the debug DirectX runtime. Geometry (Vertex) Processing Vertex streams confuse me how do they work? What Is Directx A good rule of thumb is to aim to average 1000 vertices per primitive call.

To maximize performance it is desirable to reduce the duplication in vertices transformed and sent across the bus to the rendering device. Directx Versions But now I want to send effects for example to send a command that will make a button click for example the triangle button or the square button. ... The various GUIDs you use should be defined once and only once. https://www.reddit.com/r/sto/comments/5hium5/directx_question/ Have orchestras included any modern instrument lately?

uwp directx directx-11 direct3d11 directxtk asked Jan 10 at 0:19 Tam HANNA 64 1 2 3 4 5 … 305 next 15 30 50 per page newest directx questions feed 4,570 Directx 11 Download Windows 7 64 Bit These run realtime on GPU inside media players like MPC and Potplayer. NURBS are not supported. solved Overclocking and DirectX question!

Directx Versions

What can I do to improve performance? https://forums.planetcoaster.com/showthread.php/15963-DirectX-11-question When I submit an indexed list of primitives, does Direct3D process all of the vertices in the buffer, or just the ones I indexed? What Is Maya's Default Shader/material When Creating Primitives Is Which Of The Following Materials? If you can't find an answer to your question in the DirectSound help files, there is a good article with more information available at Multiple Channel Audio Data and WAVE Files. Directx 11 Sdk The text rendering functions in D3DX don't seem to work, what am I doing wrong?

But what do I need to enter here, HZ or Frametime in Millisecs?And I also need to know if I got to reboot the machine if I have altered the dx It shouldn't matter because COM interfaces are reference counted. Use BPC to mimimize glitching, and use buffers 100ms or larger even if your games doesn't glitch on your test hardware, it will glitch on some machine out there. As of Direct3D 9 we tightened the validation on cards that could only support > 2 simultaneous textures. Directx Sdk Windows 10

When I'm choosing my graphics settings it calls out my card by name but only DirectX 9 and 9E. The king is dead. :P long glive the king. Use DS3D_DEFERRED for 3D objects. If you install the DirectX SDK and you are using Visual C++, the installer can optionally set up the include paths for you.

However, the two that are highly recommended are: Programming Windows by Charles Petzold (Microsoft Press) Programming Applications for Windows by Jeffrey Richter (Microsoft Press) How do I debug using the Windows Directx 9 Windows 10 How can I save the contents of a surface or texture to a file? Most cards now conform properly to the texel alignment rules, however there are some older cards or drivers that do not.

All of these factors will greatly increase the deployments of 64-bit editions of Windows.

For example, such a compiler makes sure to lay out stack frames and everything just right so that the garbage collector can run in the background on a separate thread, constantly In addition, note that some devices may support 32-bit indices but support a maximum index value less than 2 to the 32nd power -1 (0xffffffff); in this case the application must Why do I have to specify more information in the D3DVERTEXELEMENT9 structure? Directx Download Does Direct3D emulate functionality not provided by hardware?

You need to strike a balance between batching to reduce state changes and pushing data out to the driver early to help achieve concurrency. Since catalyst is forced to sync the TV signal @ 50Hz it is now using 50 Hz for the monitor too - exactly what I was looking for!Now I am able I want the app to exit right after playing the video, so I tried to handle the Ending event for ... Can I mix the use of Direct3D 9 and Direct3D 10 within the same application?

For example, the policy setting User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation prompt for standard users may well be set to Automatically deny elevation requests in many business settings to enhance All rights reserved.REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc.Advertise - gamesπRendered by PID 12730 on app-188 at 2017-01-17 21:24:59.801112+00:00 running fe6c46d country code: DE. When using the software geometry pipeline, Direct3D first transforms all of the vertices in the range you submitted, rather than transforming them "on demand" as they are indexed. What is the mechanism that transforms pressure into velocity?

Should game developers still be publishing games for Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows ME? The height field has to be stored in the alpha channel and is used to modulate the lights contribution, that is: Copy // Stage 0 is the base texture, with the Is there a way to add user data to an effect or other resource? Linear ModeThreaded Mode

For the fixed function pipeline, there is no need to call SetVertexShader. Any program (such as an installer) that requires administrative rights, either due to legacy setup detection or to having a manifest that specifies the requested execution level as "requireAdministrator", will always Or is it simply that while designing these H61 or B75 MB, directX 10.1 and 11 were the latest version and so these were printed and were not updated even when Build Help Subreddit/Fleet Leadership Mailbox Where to Find Us In-game: Join the RedditChat channel Teamspeak: IP: Password: [email protected] After joining, contact a server admin (via RedditChat) to get voiced Steam:

learn more… | top users | synonyms 1 vote 1answer 29 views How do i manage my game state simplistically? The back faces of the shadow volume are rendered similarly, but decrementing the stencil value instead. Unless you're targeting a known HW/SW configuration on which you know that notifications are well-behaved, avoid cursor position notifications. You can then set your EAX parameters on this buffer before having to call Play().

What changes were made to the DirectX runtime for Windows 7? You probably have not optimized the mesh after defining the face attributes. Fill in the M vertices at I. The following are key areas to look at when optimizing performance: Batch size Direct3D is optimized for large batches of primitives.