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Popups about viruses and spyware anytime anything is done on the computer.

PC Security tool says i have viruses and no icons appear on screen!

AIM virus and Popups

Fake windows virus software

viruswebprotect.com infection security alert popups

Failed to save System32 Popups Virus CANNOT access anything EVERYTHING is HIDDEN

Pop ups on I.E. Backdoor Trojan

Rogue Anti-virus removal help

Weird Stuff going on.do I have a virus?

infected by pop-ups

Computer Possibly Infected With Spyware & Adware - Help!

Pls Help . Malware / Spyware Detected

*urgent help required* Pop-up problem

Scams keep on opening in internet browsers

Viris Pop ups

Virus: System Alert: Adware & Spyware. plzz help

sudden shut down/ trojan/ blue screen

your computer in infected

Your computer is infected! taskbar popup - xpsecuirtycenter

Stop Pop up message for HTTP warning

Could anybody tell me if i have a virus?

Virus & Popup Help Required

Virus Alert beside clock / popups

Spyware + Malware = Popup's

I have a virues that gives my IE popups when it's not open.

It pops up "fake" security warnings all the time!

Need help with Pop-ups and possible virus

virus' detected

constant pop ups (trojans and worms)

Red Circle x saying computer is infected

IE window popups. Spyware suspected.

pop ups and security system warning

Talking virus/spyware?

hijakers and virus warning pop up

Help - Business computer infected with spyware/pop ups

hi my mum has spyware/adware on pc. everytime i open internet explorer please help

Virus Scanning pop-ups.

My friend's pc has tons of popups. Here's her HJT file Thanks!

Fake malware remover program popups

spyware/malware/trojan/pop-ups I Dont Know What This Is Please Help ?

Virus and pop-ups: command.exe and target saver

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