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Trojan/Virus.cannot get rid of it.

I think I have spyware/trojan on my computer

Trojan virus on my comp/"Your internet privacy is being compromised"

trojan dialer problem

Have trojans need help removing please

Infected with trojan

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Generic Trojan Horse and AdClicker Popup Problems

Virus? Trojan? What's going on?

tronjan viruses


Need help i dont know if this is a trojan.

Computer infected with virus: onlygoodsearch hijacking

Help with a Trojan horse

Download Trojan? Please take a look

Virus and Trojan problems on my computer

Would You Please Help? Virus/Trojan/Malaware?

Trojan on my PC


help needed to remove Trojans and virus

Trojans Help!

Trojan/Spyware Help

Help with removing a trojan.

Virus or trojan help

Trojan Infected

trojan virus?

Pop Ups and Trojans/Can not open HJT

Trojan Virus Infection

Do I still have a trojan?


Trojan backdoor virus that I can't get rid of?

trojan?malware?Need help

Need some help removing trojan(s)

Trojan removal help plz

Trojan/Spyware Issue - Need help for removal

Help! Virus/trojans

Trojan virus on computer can't remove it

I used ComboFix for a Trojan and need help.

Malware and a possible Trojan

gxvxc trojan on my laptop (got it from some greasemonkey script)

I have a Trojan!

help with trojan downloader problem

virus/malware/trojan help

Malware/Trojan Problem

computer virus or trojan ?

Help with Trojans and other viruses

Infected With Viruses Trojan

My system is affected with Trojan

Trojan disables all programs

Trojan has attacked my computer.

Help Needed W/ Trojan/Mallware Infection.

Virus/Trojan removal help please

Help! Got a Trojan Spaming from my PC

safe mode start + 2 trojans

Unable to get rid of trojan-backdoor-progdav

Help. I can't get rid of Trojans

After removin a trojan.

Laptop full of trojans

Need help: Trojan

trojan detected by windows defender

Trojan Virus Troubles on Windows 7

Please Help! I've got worm trojan program on my computer.

Help. [1].exe Trojan horse detected?

Virus-trojan problem Please help!

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