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Please Help Me With This Prob! :(


Hence the time left until 6:00:00 is 1:56:40. Answer by digitalbeachbum(7) (Show Source): You can put this solution on YOUR website! The second line consists of N elements of the sequence. Could you please elucidate it? –Nagendra Aug 11 '16 at 9:58 @GaneshReddy: $x-50\bmod{60}=x+10\bmod{60}=x+10$. –barak manos Aug 11 '16 at 10:03 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft

Thanks to R^2 for his assistance! Find the perfect tutor and raise your grades. How can I avoid being "the negative one" when giving feedback on statistics? South Richmond Hill, NY 0 0 If x-2 is a factor of 2x^2+bx-10 , what is the value of b ?

Please Help Me To Solve This Issue

Except that one of the two must include 5000-x because that is the amount that was invested at the begining of the year subtracted from the orignal $5000. contest-math puzzle word-problem share|cite|improve this question edited Aug 11 '16 at 9:26 asked Aug 11 '16 at 8:19 Nagendra 1257 1 I don't know about the rest of the users, mail154 → Wrong answer on LIS da.2396 → Disjoint set union doubt! groceries = ["banana", "orange", "apple"] stock = { "banana": 6, "apple": 0, "orange": 32, "pear": 15 } prices = { "banana": 4, "apple": 2, "orange": 1.5, "pear": 3 } Write your

  1. Maybe my english isn't good enough, but I have no idea what this sentence wants to say... –5xum Aug 11 '16 at 8:26 Please write the whole question exactly
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  4. and when i see my email to the settings ..,., it has been change....
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  6. OutputThe mininum number of operators needed to make the sequence non-decreasing.
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  9. According to the question the present time is in between 3 o' clock and 6 o' clock.

Hello, The issue is setting the problem correctly. Hope this helped! 543 points Submitted by Garrett Ursin over 3 years ago 5 Comments Jonatan over 3 years ago it might also be that when people start asking a lot Browse other questions tagged discrete-mathematics computer-science or ask your own question. Please Solve This Issue How to subtly hint at “Boss Fight mechanics” What kind of screw is this?

Get to know us About Us Contact Us FAQ Reviews Safety Security In the News Learn with us Find a Tutor Request a Tutor Online Tutoring Get Math Help Learning Resources Could You Please Help Me Solve This Problem Just use the code that worked for me as reference once you've removed the stock bit. please help me.. Fifty minutes ago it was four times as many minutes past three o'clock2Simple Puzzle: A Matter Of Time1Word problem involving equality of multiplication and addition0Could you please help me solve this

d) If z has to be immediately before a, we are looking for permutations of the 25 objects $b,c,...,y$ and $(az)$. Could You Please Help Me With This Issue Each element of the sequence is a non-negative integer not exceeding 10^9. ***************************************************************************I think we can uses DP but I had no idea then.Help me please !!! Use a system of equations to solve this problem. i always directed to admined pages..

Could You Please Help Me Solve This Problem

I don't know what's the problem. Each character of the input string is either a letter or a digit. → Reply ↑ ↓ Codeforces (c) Copyright 2010-2017 Mike Mirzayanov The only programming contests Web 2.0 platform Please Help Me To Solve This Issue Two Inexplicable Jokes in the Film "Airplane!"—Surely Someone Must Know What They Mean Limit of a function with powers (L'Hopital doesnt work) Previously Undisclosed Relative Will Now Invite Me to the Could You Please Help Me With This Matter How many minutes is it to six o'clock?

I don't know the author name. The money in the first fund earn 9%, while the money in the second fund earned 13.5%. An alternative approach to solving this problem is to use the Remainder Factor theorem. Please try again"Facebook Videoupload Problem (There was a problem uploading...Ähnliche FAQ im HilfebereichWie melde ich ein Problem mit Facebook Lite? Please Solve This Math Problem

Please use our new forums at discuss.codecademy.com. NVMe ssd: Why is 4k writing faster than reading? MikeMirzayanov → 8VC Venture Cup 2017 Announcement izbyshev → Setting stack size in Java Detailed → taquy2001 Blog Teams Submissions Contests taquy2001's blog Please help me on this problem Not the answer you're looking for?

It was "four times as many minutes past three o'clock", four times what? –Morgan Rodgers Aug 11 '16 at 9:06 @Morgan Rodgers What I've given was the exact question. What does the line "So long and thanks for all the fish!" mean? I tried it several times before I got it correct (with some help).

What does the line "So long and thanks for all the fish!" mean?

Or Is it x=4(130-x) ? So there are 25! asked 9 days ago viewed 33 times active 9 days ago Blog Stack Overflow Podcast #98 - Scott Hanselman Is Better Than Us at Everything Benefits for Developers from San Francisco Please use our new forums at discuss.codecademy.com.

I have a problem,please help me! Step 3: Solve for X .045x = 81 Divide both sides by .045 x=81/.045 = $1800 at 13.5% Since you set the problem up with 13.5% with X your solution ends Anita invested a total of $5000 at the beginning of the year in two different funds. she is 3 times older than your brother John, and twice as old as you, How old is your brother John?

How to stop .bashrc from running sub-command in alias at startup? Related Blogs Using Different Problem Solving Methods (Pigs and Chicken Problem) One Important Thing in Creating Your Apps or Computer Programming Projects Direct Proportion and Inverse Proportion: Ball Throwing Experiment The Post Reply Print view Search Advanced search 2 posts • Page 1 of 1 murry4 Posts: 1 Joined: Wed Dec 16, 2015 2:54 am Contact: Contact murry4 Send private message Please Is it too late to swap to third person from first?

You don't use $5000 because that is the inital investment (this is where I messed up originally).