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IE9 Submit Buttons Aren't Working


markup would be something like:works perfectly in IE6 and 7, FF and Safari. Jessica Cantlope Permalink to comment# January 10, 2014 A well-timed article for me. With .

  • Using the button element allows us to have a label independent of the value attribute.And you can't create standards-compliant table-filled forms with IE's implementation of button.VERY PO'D Reply stereopixel 03 August
  • this event function is able to fetch value of button via regex and add hidden field with that value before submitting form.
  • John Lawson · 3 years ago I have to agree with Rob. Chris, I don't think mixing Content Layer (HTML) and Behavior Layer (JS) would be a nice idea or, at least, not the best solution as you point. I hate the two column layout and the fact that some comments are out of order. Button Submit Normally we could just check its name and look at its value, but here we don’t know what the name is – so we have to loop over all the names

    I remember when Google had the web accellerator toolbar for IE and Firefox (long ago) which prefetched links. Log in or register to post comments Comment #10 timmerk CreditAttribution: timmerk commented March 14, 2012 at 12:05am I figured it out, at least on the site I was working on. Anyone messed with the sizing??Thanks again! Reply Rich 15 March 2007 I didn't want the user to see the name of the button suddenly change to a piece of code the moment it's clicked on.

    Basje Permalink to comment# January 10, 2014 One point I am missing in the article is that (for me) it makes more sense to use buttons in forms because they allow Html Button Type Cory · 3 years ago Yeah, this IE issue was a huge pain in the butt for me once. Chris Coyier Permalink to comment# January 9, 2014 There was though. you could try that ...

    Ie Form Submit Not Working

    Reply Jacob 08 August 2009 There's a much easier solution to this entire issue. Hey thanks for the code demo. Submit Button Not Working In Ie11 How do I pronounce “PER”? Javascript Form Submit Not Working In Ie Depends on your site.

    Any flow content, for instance, such as blockquote, div, p, nav, hr, … T.J. http://relite.org/not-working/sound-is-not-working.php Sequential tabindex tabindex values greater than 0 set elements to particular positions in the page’s tab order. Also, could you include which version of IE you're using that is not working? Francis Wu · 3 years ago Mislav -- Ah yes, the dreaded file input field! Input Type Submit

    Some stuff to consider that I hadn't yet. Lol.. Also worth noting is while you may not have to worry about 508 compliance, doing so surprisingly makes supporting all the various devices easier. have a peek at these guys I have yet to come up with even a difficult work-around in IE.

    cancel in the example above), you may be up a creek: http://www.peterbe.com/plog/button-tag-in-IEMaybe there is a better way to handle multiple buttons, but I actually look for the name of the button Button Onclick Plus it's completely transparent to the user.I've made a slight change to it, in that the button HTML code is now:(Replaced hard-coded ID with so i had to switch to the button tag for my image button ...

    We use Save and Cancel all the time in mixed button/link format and the stylings shown here keep them from looking awful.

    VERY UNUSABLE. Some browsers respect tabindex all of the time. at MS hasn't done anything with since 2003.And today I experienced the way IE uses the