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My computer is messed up.hjt log inside

Something is wrong with the computer

Malware trying to install programs

Please Assist with this HiJack Log-Computer so slow lately

Spontaneous sound plays when computer not in use

my computer got alert wallaper [moved from xp]

Need help with a series of issues with my computer!

My Computer

PC Hacked :(

My computer reboots when I download?

my computer is out of control?

Computer compromised

My computer is way slow

hijacked my pc

My Computer is painfully slow

Comp Freezing a lot

CPU running very loud

Help! Computer has been effectively taken over.

my computer has been hijacked completely!

I have been hijacked and need help

Help me something's wrong with my computer

What's wrong with my computer?

My computer is going crazy. Please help

My Computer is all messed up here is the Hijackthis Log Please help!

My Computer Is On It's Death Bed.

computer is being hacked remotely

My Computer Keeps Shutting Down

Computer taken over by Hijackers

My Computer Running Slow Please Help

pc hijacked please help

My computer is leaking. then crashes?

My Computer Icon sends me to Search Results page

Is my computer hijacked?

My computer runs slowly

My Computer freezes up

Please help me. My computer is messed up with virus that igves errors!

Computer playing random music

Two computer icons/folders on my desktop

Is my computer good? am I protected?

Can't Keep an Internet Connection

My computer got hacked now my windows xp is gone. Any advice?

Computer hijacked- please help

*Windows XP My computer icon*

My computer has split its personality.

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