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thanks for eveyones help –bollo Jun 29 '11 at 15:39 | show 6 more comments active oldest votes Can you help? Jad Permalink to comment# May 23, 2008 I prefer Firefox on IE, coz Firefox always show me a better design,and has support of png transparent backgrounds pictures jitendra Permalink to comment# Do remember that regular non-alpha transparent PNG files work fine without any fix in IE 6, and are often better than their GIF sisters. *Update: I was totally wrong about the Most of us have long since moved on, either to one of the mainstream modern browsers or to one of the lesser-used fringe browsers like Opera (though Opera aficionados will probably news

Mozilla. 11 April 2009. I know the photo on the Wikipedia page is misleading that way. We have a pretty good* newsletter. Search Engine Optimization Video Vault Get a Free Audit Today! http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12194582/broken-css-on-internet-explorer

Reinstall Internet Explorer 11

[email protected] ~ $ winetricks ie6 Executing w_do_call ie6 Executing load_ie6 Executing mkdir -p /home/user/.cache/winetricks/ie6 Downloading browsers-us.mirrors.zensoft.net/ie/win32/6.0/ie60.exe to /home/user/.cache/winetricks/ie6 --2011-09-02 11:35:28-- browsers-us.mirrors.zensoft.net/ie/win32/6.0/ie60.exe Resolving browsers-us.mirrors.zensoft.net... Connecting to browsers-us.mirrors.zensoft.net||:80... Trouble making it so new User can only see one account and all data associated with it I have 97 pages in my book draft. The solution is to override, or explicitly set, the rendering mode of IE via the X-UA-Compatible header.

I have wasted so much time messing about with CSS for different browsers. Ricardo Permalink to comment# May 21, 2008 display:inline only causes IE6 to not double the margins, the elements are still rendered as blocks - it's a bug to fix a bug. Not the answer you're looking for? Reinstall Internet Explorer 11 Windows 10 big typo.

Thanks in advance… programworld Permalink to comment# December 11, 2008 display:inline only causes IE6 to not double the margins, the elements are still rendered as blocks - it’s a bug to How To Fix Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working stylesheets for dif browsers. Min-height is incredibly useful for something like a footer. find more info Stepdown Normally when floating objects you can count on them lining up vertically until they break.

The above reasons clearly tell us that we should move on to bigger and better thyings like firefox. Repair Internet Explorer Windows 10 Go the programs and features (Under the add remove programs in the control panel) and then take the check mark off of IE to remove it. JK Permalink to comment# November 10, 2008 Nice list, but you forgot the (in)famous Pee-a-boo bug. Gecko browsers previous than 29.0 support the same functionality using the browser-specific -moz-box-sizing property.[22] border-box is the default box model used in Bootstrap framework.

How To Fix Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working

more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed References[edit] ^ Shafer, Dan (2005). Reinstall Internet Explorer 11 Cause The compatibility view use is being used. Internet Explorer Css Fixes Oh wait, then PNG hacks wouldn't have been here in the first place.

Can't wait to say bye byes to IE6 sms gratis Permalink to comment# May 14, 2008 try http://browsershots.org/ when i design a web i always try yo view it in linux does ie6 handle borders differently to 7 or 8? –bollo Jun 29 '11 at 14:53 1 what was happening is that i am using conditional statements and it was picking Yves Permalink to comment# April 23, 2008 float:left; display:inline; makes the element appear as block, the HTML Spec defines that an element in float is all time set to block. Unsurprisingly, Ars Technica doesn't look that great under IE6—our fancy menubar and CSS-dependent layout plays havoc with the old Trident engine. How To Install Internet Explorer 11

My advice: IE6 web designers international boycott (that would make a good website idea, isn't it?) RegDwight Permalink to comment# April 24, 2008 Nice post, but for Heaven’s sake, learn the The fix here is to make sure the line-height in the parent element is set to zero (0), or that the elements being floated are inline elements. The commonly thrown-around "fix" for this is to add "display: inline;" to the div. When done reboot.Step 2.

I have been fighting with IE6 and the Double Margin for 2 days. Uninstall Internet Explorer Windows 7 PNG not PHP Mike Finch Permalink to comment# April 23, 2008 I thought Tom Boutell developed the png format http://www.libpng.org/pub/png/pnghist.html BeyondRandom Permalink to comment# April 23, 2008 I personally don't care The display_area seem to be stuck to the sides of the screen even though min-width:1000px; max-width:90%; on 1300 width resolution.

Before HTML 4 and CSS, very few HTML elements supported both border and padding, so the definition of the width and height of an element was not very contentious.

Microsoft Developer Network. This second declaration is hidden from Internet Explorer for Windows by exploiting other bugs in the way that it parses CSS rules. This is definitely very useful and i love it. How To Reset Internet Explorer Settings. I'm not an advanced designer (yet), but I fail to understand why IE-specific hacks (using selectors, html> and *) and IE stylesheets have been ignored in this post.

It shows them a big darker. I've hit its homepage untold thousands of times, but always because I was opening up a new IE install for the first time. When box-sizing: border-box; is specified for an element, any padding or border of the element is drawn inside the specified width and height, "as commonly implemented by legacy HTML user agents".[21] Blaze Permalink to comment# April 30, 2008 div#box { width: 100px; border: 2px solid black; padding: 10px; } what I sometimes do is : div#box { width: 124px; border: 2px solid

Pure vintage: Windows XP SP2, with IE6 6.0.2900.2180 SP2. VOTED for this post at: http://www.newsdots.com/tutorials/ie-css-bugs-thatrsquoll-get-you-every-time-css-tricks/ koew Permalink to comment# April 29, 2008 It's great to use approved CSS in the min-height "hack". External links[edit] Tantek Çelik's description of the "box model hack" Getting Internet Explorer to Play Well with CSS - article on about.com that outlines various ways to get around box model I also like to side-step this bug whenever possible.

Another site that looks fine is the stalwart Metafilter—unsurprising, considering that the site essentially looks exactly the same now as it did the first time I visited it in late 1999. Retrieved 2007-01-13. "The following examples show how to use the!DOCTYPE declaration to specify the DTD a document conforms to, and to switch Internet Explorer6 and later to standards-compliant mode." ^ Roger