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Malware/Virus/Spyware on my Computer? Please Help :D

Help Desperately Needed and Appreciated * Work PC infected !

Accidentilly dowloaded malware

Wireless internet is "connected

getting pop-ups and had vundo madness

Vista ghost folders and files

Help! I've got Spyware on my PC

Searc-h / Ad-w-a-r-e / Deal-Pro / Discount-Nation etc. Pop-ups won't go away!

Virus deleted all my files!

Keep getting fp.pc-on-internet PopUps

How to read WinXP's Mini dump files

Need info on how to remove program

random popups and updating problems

I may have a virus/malware?

Windows Recovery Virus destroyed my computer

How do I get the folders from My Document off my desktop?

Need help removing corrupt file

Wrote my blog online and it crashed

How do i get rid of virus

i keep on getting redirected when i seach for stuff

tons of popups tons of malware

Adware/Trojan/Virus Infections

Need help removing drivers

Infected with a

Malware problems

trouble freeing memory

VPN network

IE error+end task

Numerous Malwares on PC

Possiably Infected PC

2 operating systems. what to do now

Can't get rid of viruses

Please help!Massive virus in my computer!

Restrict Web Browsing with a Password?

picture security setting issue

Swich to different browser?

Trying to complete the 5 steps to see if my computer is infected.

Need some help with my start up list

closing a unresponding program without goin to `task manager

Computer Virus + Crashing Not Sure if Related

Computer is full of malware

Never reformatted before

Big Problem with my laptop PC! :(

Ipod Problem

Ad popups and redirects :(

My Laptop is infected

Need Help Installing Second Harddrive

can't open downloaded files

New build/new XP OS/Partitions?

Certain sites blocked e.g. Google Maps

I need help uploading website info

Need help removing suspected malware/spyware

Any analyst plz take a look at my logfile and help if can

Bombarded by popups

Copy/past to LAN shutsdown computer

Lost Internet History

Making 2 computers out of 1?

need a hack

Popups/Malware- Help Needed!

How to install Chrome themes?

Lingering pop-ups from apparent smitfraud.

virus changed my settings

Re-creating installation CD for installed program

How do I merge 2 movie maker files?

format SYSTEM & XP instalation prob

Reformat computer without a: drive

Need Help restoring monitor factory settings

NewGenLook virus/adware infection

Optical drive problems

how to taskkill all processes using batch but not itself?

Permanently Erase Computer/Internet History?

printer sharing

I need help reinstalling games

Could anyone check my Log?

Shared printer issue

My Combofix Log (Anti-Virus Rogues)

How to remove RAVMONE.exe

Please Enter Captcha

windows boot problems severe damage possible bios damage HELP!

Is my computer clean now?

Rogue EntriesI(I've pasted the extratxt instead of sending it as an attmt

Help Needed In Removing Annoying Popup And Toolbars

Pop-ups and Redirects from Google search links

Is there a way to create multiple sets of recovery discs for Windows 7?

Possible Keyboard

Accessing files on a SATA drive from a boot CD

Themes. (Please help !)


Malware detected on computer?

Clogged Computer

removing freecall

Not really minimizing?

need help with a spyware!

Lagging issues

What does the $clean_tmp folder do

after-virus help

removing spyware

New Laptop: setting up vista

Virus on Laptop

extenal monitor

Drives 1

uninstall windows drivers?

My comp has been infected with an unknown virus/worm

Machine Slow Down and Popups galore

protential virus

Help removing iamwired redirect search in firefox please

Do I have any spyware/adware?

how to lock xp

Possible Virus/Malware Issue

my battery life time won't show up!

Ram Problem. Amounts differ.

This Malware/Virus wont go away!

I'm getting random ad windows popping up

Eset is reporting suspicious email in my Outlook backup

Video/Games lag

How to restore a Vista install that you didn't backup?

Please I Need Help With Virus Removal

Problem With SATA Harddrive

winantispyware removal - impossile

Adware/Malware Problems

DSL problems running Vista

unable to get XP installed

Windows 7 blocking program internet connections

windows 7 firewall (application exception doesnt work)

Sluggish System2 Suspect Malware

Unknown Ads and Popups

Removing a stubborn program

Please help I think I may have spyware/malware/virus & possible keylogger?

I just bought this laptop.

Google Search Redirect?

Acer 5100 with XP hangs after new install

Help to get rid of viruses and SurkSideKick2

Not sure if trojan infected comp

not sure what's going on.possible malware?

IE 8 annoying message re: search provider

Raid Setup

Looking for Software to Backup iTunes &/or Outlook 2010 Files

Get this thing off my desktop!

Problem with passworded folder

I got a piece of malware and got rid of it

Muting flash permanently?

Website does not print properly

cut & paste files

Virus or Adwared Prolem Cannot Find Fix

Format as NTFS or install MBR first

Pop-up problems and some annoying temps.

Can't get CraigsList process to accept an ad reposting.

Changed Monitor Properties and Now I can't See Anything

Problem with pop-ups when going to other pages

Another friend's computer needs help!

computer slow and possibly infected

BSOD-Repair Install- Now still infected

Multiple Issue with Malware and Windows ME

Organizing Favorites

Internet Explorer Keeps Poping When Useing Mozilla

anyway to remove renmants of a program that wasnt properly uninstalled?

A bit paranoid. I probably don't have a keylogger. right?

Computer stoped to a crawl and many pop ups I can't get rid off!

Infected with burstnet.com malware need help removing from vista home pc

Reimaging my computer

how do i add network printer to laptop

Can't Stop Error-Checking At Start-Up

PC Won't Reformat

Outlook e-mail server

Persistent problems with "Trojan Horse

Needing a program that will copy an entire CD-Rom to a dvd-r

Wifi issues.

How much physical memory will my computer support?

Can I partition my windows drive

How to manually uninstall add-ons?

Procedure to export/import email messages.

Cool tip for people with free ISP service!

Back Up Folder Removal

Computer messed up

Popup ads starting to show on my laptop

lagging games shouldnt lag

Need help with removal of trojan puper virus

Hacked by X4X( removing tricks)

hide drive

How to delete all bookmarks at once

RAID 10 to work with XP

Connecting to Internet

Set Bandwidth Priority?

email replies

Is there a way I can make a folder into its own partition?

Need help running Chkdsk

Need help to defeat a virus!

Please help with annoying popup and slow pc

strange program running in background

writing command line prompt: no wifi when opening executable

Infected - Multiple browser and security issues

Unknown Virus killing my computer?

All My Program files are encrypted

Need Help Restoring Laptop

how to delete this malware installed by china telecom

Do we have a virus?

2 installs of XP home on one drive

please i need help i got a virus

how to disable downloading any files in firefox

PC infected badly please help

Need someone to check logs

Need Help. My computer is Drunk.

Homepage Hijacked by Turbo-search-101. HELP PLEASE!

voice recording problem

system slows and unwanted popups

Desktop Crashing

new pc/ ads all over the place

Computer is not as fast as it should be

Windows 7 online gaming lag

problem with spyware (my guess)

XP Harddrive Recovery Virus

Computer File sahring

My Laptop had a virus

Backup of Hard Drive

CiD: Unwanted Advert Pop Ups (Hijackthis log included)

looots of adware/spyware keep coming all due to a bad windows media player link

Keep getting pop-up

How to delete this search engine ? Help?

Various constant popups

Can't drag and drop files on one hard drive

Canot create new logical drive

From 'Outlook' to 'My Documents'

Possible Virus/malware

How to configure a backup PLAN using the rockfish UPS

Annoying message while surfing the internet!

I may have a virus?

Deleting a icon

Im at a loss for a solution

Minimising / Closing Windows

I have virus name ratopabig in xp

How do I install in drive D: without formatting drive C:?

Corrupt drive

Advertising popup help!

regedit died due to virus?

Recovering files corrupted by viruses.

trojan infetion. plz help (Moved from Windows XP)

2 xp's on 2 seprate hard disks make pc slower?

Popups I can't get rid of

Redirected Internet Explorer tabs

unwanted stubborn search engine appearing

Reinstalling XP to Acer E500 desktop

Set-up Computer Myself

Possible virus on my computer?

New computer accessing share drive

Windows 7 - Files/Folders remain "highlighted"

How to bypass the "Choose a User profile" ?

Possible malware

How do I get to my BIOS?

AntiVirus Plus is controlling my PC

Malware problem

Got adware. need help

Cannot access any audio file after windows reinstall

Setting My Computer to Restart at a Specified Time

Constant Registry Cleaner Pop-ups

Icon affecting virus

First time reformatting/restoring. I know! It's one of those post again! Sorry!

Spyware/Adware killing my PC

Stupid Xlime! Need help

Wireless Internet connection failure

Possible change color scheme for each drive?

Desktop Corruted

Can't remove all popup problems

Virus / Trojan ? Windows XP - Disabled administrator rights

browser block

qwerty help

How to change server address

OMG all itunes music has no trace on my computer

Pop-up problems

Getting info back?

Need help fixing old computer

Help! Buffering & Uploading Videos

constant cpv popups

Problem with Parents PC

Slow network performance on LAN

Recover files from laptop

Spyware/Startup problems

registry virus removal help

Completely Cleaning Computer

Virus problem - I think.

clean up old pc?

Downgraded to XP

Have a SecurityRisk.URLRedir in quarantine. How to remove it?

Removing the administrator

Re: Strange problem with Keyboard cursor keys

Google completely blocked

How To? Totally restrict PC

recovery console wont recognize my windows installation

How to disable NAV when there is no NAV icon in system tray

Do I have any Viruses/Trojans/Spywares? 64bit Vista

typing being deleted.

Computer issues possible virus

Help. Lots of Popups

Opening closed ports to allow a program to work

reinstalled my XP computer and can not find Internett Driver.

Need help probally KeyLogged :(

deleting desktop icons

Format and FDISK without Floppy?

How to Remove the virus which turning the folders of pendrive into shortcuts

How to disable Windows 7 Photo Printing

Trouble connecting to home wifi

lag issues

OS Re-load problems

Saving files to another user's account

Having Malware/virus problems

CANT MOVE or DELETE video File

Some Malware problem

Log - Is something monitoring my PC?

Vanishing Browser

How can I install multiple operating systems?

Cannot unhide a hidden folder

Infected and can't find it? Ready to post logs as required.

Moving O.S. from one system to the one I'm building?

Reformatting PC

Keep my computer clean.

Unwanted popups

6gb dvd to 4.7gb disc?

Cannot vista send mail on my toshiba latop. keep getting error

Computer corrupted

format vista

New comp - Graphics Lag?

random IE7 and Firefox 3 windows popup

Pop-Up / Slow Browser - HELP!

System factory restore

Google Redirect and random pop ups

XP doesn't like my wireless adapter drivers

win 7 possible virus

Protecting an Infected PC

Web opens new windows and redirects

help removing virus

how to stretch full screen.

Ie blocks tech sites

annoying malware (?)

Getting into old files!

Spyware/Adware help

internet access with different users on the same computer

how to remove WMPSCFGS.EXE virus /Trojan

Malware or viruses please help

I Need PC Cleanup Help

spyware infected computer

Just got computer fixed and now.

how can I accomplish this?

Image Toolbar "print picture" option not working

Need help with Malware infected PC

stubborn adware

Home workgroup problem

Malware printer problem

formatting cd dvd disks

Virus or Malware Help.

Remote hacker/keylogger?

Multiple IE windows when I open one window

how to format dell vostro 1510.

help me "clean puter" first timer


User Name Change

HELP - How do I get rid of SAME Popup

Reformat effort freezes my laptop

windows reinstall/file system/driver issues

I need to delete a partition.

infected. computer laggy

run window

uninstalling vista

PC HELP: Browser virus/cannot reformat

unable to remove spyware

Vista on Compaq Infested - Help Please

installing new video card

Have to keep windows disc in drive after restart.

How to get rid those pop-up ad sites?

Laptop is infected

how can I remove this file.

Win 7 Pro temp files

Any other bandwidth limiter besides NetLimiter ?

How to change Start form withour using Properties on taskbar

Spyware/virus problem

Unable To Install XP on Win 7 Based Alienware Auroura Desktop

How to reset default gateway username and password

Pop-ups bothering me!

How to trace where program looks?

IE 8 on an external Drive?

internet redirect to ad sites and can't connect to windowsupdate

5 steps to get rid of spyware

When I start my computer last icon of the desktop is automatically selected.

Paste into MS Word

Can't deactivate xmouse

need help reading minidump file

Google Redirecting Issue And. ? 64bit Vista

How to reinstall xp Againg?

New Folder appear after turn of wireless connection

How Do I Change MY PC ID?

Nonstop popups and lagging computer

Wiping Everything

remove os from bootloader

Computer seems to be thinking a lot.log check please

Reformatting Pre Built PC

Are there still viruses on my computer?

recover web addresses

Possible Viruses on Computer

Connecting to "shared" drives

cachecachekit trojan won't go away

Cant boot from disk OR get into setup menu

How to delete for good a note from Mismatch

How to open or convert .CA files

img question

vista to xp

Can I use my old desktop and laptop together?

windows 7 windows photo viewer watermark

cannot get rid of Malware

Popups and constant browser crashes

Problem with windows xp wireless connection

Locked drive

Previous problem with spyware now not sure if it is registry or spyware issue

How to burn a 43GB ISO File

How to successfully store XP SP3 on a network server

extra monitor

I think My PC has a Virus

how to remove trojan.psw.win32.sagic.15 virus

Blocked Page?

Re-enable integrated microphone?

How to backup old files after parallel installation of windows xp

huge malware issue.

Re-Post - Not Getting any Replies

I need help! Files are there but not being used by programs.

Trouble getting rid of this malware

not sure if i have spyware

WORD Opening Multiple Times

How to Uninstall Libre Office without serial Number given at registration

popup ad appeared on my website

Rollback IE8

Recovering Files (Moved from Other Operating Systems)

Finished 5 Steps-Need help removing spyware

Recover tmp file

How do I find what application is using a font?

I need some help with a virus/spyware

Raid Controller on boot up

How to blank my screen

I think I have a keylogger. Please help!

How do I get rid of this folder?

Forgotten passwords

Application Icons changed - wont change back

Getting popups with google

I think I have a virus/malware etc. Please help

Shortcuts creating themselfs on external hdd

Manganum 'Malware Protection' VIRUS HELP

Help: Internet Explorer random site popup virus/adware

Need help cleaning a disaster.

creating dvd

Bootable disk ! how ?

Terrible pop-up problems! help.?

Log looks clean

At start of windows boot

cannot uninstall downloaded software

Uninstalling IE 8 but not shown in add/remove program list

Seemingly unrelated issues after malware detection

Delete all but OS?

Dirty Laptop

Adware problem!

help getting rid of virus

Advice for overclocking processor

Transferring Files To Another Computer (Only One Monitor)

annoying popups even w/o IE opened

virus scans disabled

Msconfig Startup services (what can i get rid of?)

copy-book keeps redirecting google

Error when copying from burned data disc

How to install Windows 8.1?

Spyware removal stuff won't run and then some

Cannot find virus/malware

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