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Laptop Network Connectivity Issues

administrative privelleges on xp

Please help I think I have a spyware.

IE popup ads

Posting images in forum

how to block certain pics or disable certain images from a site

MoBo/CPU Swap Questions

Multiple ports on my PC trying to access port 25 on IP's

Norton Keeps Deleting a Program

is there still signs of a keylogger?

stop message

Please Help Clean My Computer

Help getting rid of xlime

I fried my motherboard i think

Help With Virus'

how to install wndows 7

xp to ps3 ad hoc with mobile broadband

Please help me repair my mistake

Any way to save my data?

locked computer

Win 7 - Ram problem

slow computer / trojan reappears after i clean

simple browser question

Help with recent Malware causing pop-ups and slow performance

WinXP Re-Format Problem

my computer crashed! how can i get a file from it?

Virus that I can't delete

offline programs asking for internet (keyloggers?)

All links send me to ads

Keep Getting Notice of Trojan

Oblivion files [Moved from Games]

Vista wont boot after Smitfraudfix removes virus

Internet Explorer Favorites transfer

How to make xp app paths key available

tally user can help me plz

headset/speakers config

Trying to recover from Malware/Spyware

How to hide a port?

Virus/Malware help.

Constant IE pop ups and an unremovable virus

Vista virus?

Laggy computer/Trojan

Unwanted popups and malware in the system

Zscaler username window

Reinstalled Windows XP - No internet connection + missing installed drivers

blinking typing cursor

Keylogger problem

Switchback to XP?

Blocked websites and google redirects

power point music

can someone tell me if my log is clean ?

Laptop has several viruses (sorry for not being specific)

Trojan Destroying EXE

Troubled Notebook Malware?

Software Conflict or Virus/Adware?

System Restore turned off by virus/malware

how to remove WMPSCFGS.EXE trojan

How to remove Lord Rahul Cool virus threat

trojan virus named shopperz

download/install a browser from cmd.

Malware/Trojan - HELP!

Virus & Spyware Complete Removal Help

XP Install on old laptop w/ no CD drive.

Virus/Malware infected PC

Full screen is killing all running programs

Junk mail from System Administrator

get rid of yahoo

MY system is infected!

constant pop-up from savetheinformation

Adware? Virus?

dll Trouble

Can you tell me if my system is clean plz?

Popups and other bad spyware

PC redirecting

Unneeded XP files?

Setting up DownThemAll to re-do downloads if the file is under 1kb

IE8 Uninstall

Constant Popups

Connect to PC on Same Network

Slow Infected Computer

How to delete the adware Unideals.

possible malware slowing my internet connection?

Computer spikes (lags) no matter what I am doing! Please help

OS Installation

how to do crossfade nero

Extracting .jar file using winrar without changing file type

files are being erased

Installing Windows 7 HELP! (New HDD)

Malware slowing and freezing my pc

Keyboard Problems with "accents"

Help! This Is Serious!

how to set default volume level for all xp profiles?

google redirect

install two OS at a time

Restricted website.

Possible Malware/Virus

Not sure if keylogger is gone.

PC infection-need help

How do you find unblocked ports?

Get rid of Vista Home and reinstall XP

Trojan/spyware has infected entire laptop

Unwanted Firefox Bookmark Icons

Possible malware on built PC

Someone is in my System

think i have a key-logger

Cannot boot or reformat

I need help with getting rid of a virus

I believe there's a keylogger.

Google redirects to 3rd party websites

Can't run exe except as Administrator

Need help downloading movies

Hacker using keylogger and vnc on my laptop

IE 7 aggressive with searching

Removing access to the C drive from IE

Vista Problem/Possible Virus

Saveinformation spyware and virus (?) on laptop.

Help! malware of some type got me!

Laptop infected

Please Help Me. Fast.asap. Like Right Now.

Msn keeps restarting computer?

BSOD and Hangs

Possible keylogger? And slow computer performance

help! how to clean up "deleted" data

putting pictures on disc

Do I Still Have Viruses?

How to make kazaa work on uni network

Formatted Computer

PLEASE HELP! I am drowning in popups!

COMP suddenly got SLOW/POPUPS!

I need help downgrading my video card!

Can't get the spyware off my machine

File Transfer between two XP Pro SP2 Systems

annoying pop ups and ads

I have a serious malware

Reformatted Computer

No firewall on dial-up

video memory upgrade

Bogged down connection

I need help re-formatting my computer

rootkits malware ?

Can't Unblock Windows Firewall

How to open a port on a gateway?

Removed Trojans but may still have some malware left!

Many suspicious files in windows folder (system affected)

files corrupted

Files Not Inheriting Elevated Mapped Drive Rights.

Duplicasy of word file

Wireless driver missing

Need Help. Annoying~

Potential malware problem?

Webpage Scaling Issues

Change settings on which drive programs are downloaded

Non-Import of IE favourites from v9 to v10

Spyware with pop-ups

Pop Ups & other Browser redirecting annoyances.

Folder "con" why ?

How to safely remove Trojan-downloader.win32.small.alre

How to get rid of virprotect?

desktop + home theater connection

Viruses wont remove-Help!

Is My PC Infected With A Keylogger Or Something Else?

Cannot Remove Unwanted Apps in Vista Home Premium

Unusual Slow System. I Need Your Expertise.

RAM Failure

Slow computer and clean up

Reformatting computer without monitor screen

Multiple windows keep opening

csrss.exe - how can I remove this?

infected by a virus or spyware/malware

Constant popups when I start up

how do I make a copy of my operating system to transfer it to a new hdd?

Accessing Private Folders from another account .

How might Windows firewall get turned off?

i have some bad spyware.

Copy OS from PC

Wasted Computer

How to prevent trojans - technical stuff?


First Steps - Turning off AVG

me again different computer.

How do I remove unwanted Search Machines?

unable to thouroughly clean LT; tons of malware

I messed up with bitlocker and cant get into my win7 installation

Friends Pc Really Slow and messedup

help me setting up my home office using windows 7

SM56 Speakerphone software modem WinFax Pro 10

Weird advertisement virus

New Member - Win 7 USER

Computer Crashed while Networking.

Win8 power shutdown

bringing windows back to life

How to make ComboFix and HJ This analyze external drive?

Spyware on computer

how to prevent users from installing removable device storage ?

Creating new email account in Office Outlook

Think i have a keylogger

Unable to open Applications and Multiple similar Process

How to Remove Entries From Edit File Type?

Help Downloaded a trojan by mistake

Restricted Site

Wireless printer not connecting to Laptop

Help me get rid of PopUPs

How to take a 'screen shot'

I can't complete the malware clean-up job!

BAD Internet explorer popup VIRUS

virus on PC

Removed Virus but still having problems

XP desktop after malware removal

how to save movies in webpages?

Disabling internet on Ethernet / LAN in Windows 8

Blind Copy Of Vista Email

Malware on my PC

how to go to bios

Gateway4530 Laptop - Malware Suspicion

yahoo/google redirect

Mozilla Firefox Address Bar and MyWebSearch

Suspected RAM-related errors

please help with xlime

Google Misdirection and random tabs

I might have a keylogger. (Log Inside)

Low Memory on HDD

How do I delete antivirus8 from my laptop?

how to completely uninstall vista

BAD MEMORY or incompatible power supply

Spyware or anything?

switching partitions on one drive

How to change code from xpdm to wddm?

IE Pops Up Everytime using Firefox

constant popups from visiting a website

Uninstall SP3

USB Drive Problem in Vista?ONLY works with NTSF!?

Brand new computer - running slowly with various pop-ups

Virus caused my windows to not load.

TR/Spy.Agent.dg.2.B and adware that comes back

Need Help. Finals Approaching!

computer is highly infected

plz help me to discover suspicious files

Router web page

Loading Office 2007 H&S Caused Icons for Saved Webpages to Change!

Faulty on-board ethernet adapter

USB flash drive is being corrupted of virus.

reformat w/ no cd drive

changing default resolution when hooking up PC to TV

Internet Drive Doesn't Work!

I think I HAD a backdoor.

Hi a Keylogger keep stealing my infos

i deleted all my internet files

How to remove troj_delf.ar

trouble in extracting all files from rar

Possible mawlare problem?

How can I set XP as Default OS?

Initial install XP won't format HD completely

New to the site

pop-up ads

Cannot format a hardrive that used to be the main windows installation

Split in 2 DVD's

how did I get a D drive in XP?

Install 2 OS on 2 Seperate HD's

need help connecting cable modem to laptop

Need help with a lot of spyware

How to edit a Run DLL request in XP?

removing keyloggers

Network/computer hacker

Microsoft won't verify my Prodcut Key

Possible Keylogger and/or Virus

Locked Folder

Changing Main HD

Adding second SSD - which will win 7 reguard as the boot drive?

White listed on AVG Resident Shield

How to know login pass while I'm in?

booting and setup from flash drive

how to fix 69sexsearch pop-up

Popup Virus

How to uninstall linux and install with windows 7

Deleting Proxy Settings?

how to use compact command to uncompress

Help please! About to kill my pc! Trojans

Computer infested with malware

Corrupt Hard Drive

How to add an icon to my vista icon folder

deleted csrss.exe now need help

720p HD movies [Problem!]

Launching applications are hijackers.

Potential trojan infection?

Trojan problems

Starting a business

How do I recover deleted msn messenger history chat

Sharing a printer with XP SP2

Restoring Applications after upgrading to Window 7

Troubles while recycling and copy/pasting

Ping/Internet Lag Problem!

How to use .vcf files - How can I import .vcf info to Outlook (live) contacts

videos playing

Searching in Google/Yahoo redirects to advertisement

Took steps to speed up slow computer but may still have traces of spyware or viruses.

Which files do I delete ?

huge mess of viruses please need help!

Receiving constant pop-ups

Vista and Cell Phone Bluetooth

Got rid of ads and viruses but having more trouble

Prevent accidental deletion of file (permissions)

Take Everything off my computer?

Virus/Malware Help Please

Issue with ADWare.Please help

my computer has a virus

Win7 Won't boot into normal shell

Browser making 100 requests to a website

desperately trying to reformatt computer

Auto-reinstalling trojan?

Need Help with Spyware/Virus on my PC

reboot when scannig hd D

IE/Firefox Browsers Poping Like Crazy!

Cannot delete a trojan

How to get rid of Client MAC Add

Constant pops-ups when starting IE

Just can't seem to clean my PC - can anyone help?

Help. the spyware seems to stay!

spyware killing my pc

trying to recover after erasing malware

Need major help! Pop-ups galore!

Hidden Malware

Please help with Mal ware problem

I cant get certain pieces of spyware off my comp!

veiw and print text of urls in favorites

My Computer Was Kind of Wiped?

Spyware I cannot remove

Wallpaper Locked! Bugs! Mallware! Help!

PC Corrupting Harddrives?

unsolicited browser pages

Want to reformat old xp laptop with no cd

I have no clue what is wrong with my computer

disabled my mouse windows 7

PC Restore

two op systems

Computer Detects 2 virus

how to remove TBPSSvc.exe help

Win 7 Playing Sound on Current Monitor

unwanted sites

network name changed?

How to save Favorites from MSN

how to format computer

how to install

re-installed os

Just wondering. Please reply

How to make PC faster?

Laptop crashed

Computer won't utilize Both RAM Chips at once! Help!

Ran Ad-aware and Norton Antivirus - Still have popups

How to transfer a zip compressed file to Media centre (WAV)

Am I missing a driver (and no

installing os to a seperate partition?

How to merge two exe files into one?

annoying virus help

Much slower torrent speeds with router

How to setup a webcam ?

WIN XP Home Need help on what to do with clearing the computer's memory.

Nasty Malwear/virus

Unknown trojan help Windows XP

Laptop severely hit by viruses

WINDOWS EXPLORER error and computer cannot turn off without plugging the computer

shut down programs

Please help with virus removal

Computer infected ; windows won't work

Infected with Virus

Windows 7 / Vista Organising Folders

How can I chkdsk scandisk on vista?

Block users from accessing folders

my computer may not have been fully cleaned here

help me connect to wifi!

How to get rid of Bing?

doesnt allow user to use internet via LAN

Malware popping up

Internet Explorer 9 Link to Favorites

Undoing what the hacker has done

Default How to make outlook rules apply to outbox folder?

Primary drive 1 not found/modem not sending or receiving packets

Zip Issue on USB drive

Where is my recovery program gone

Google search redirect and popups

Feature disabled in Excel Protected Sheet

hard disc space and other stuff

create user account with limited access problem

Search Engine redirect virus + possible tidserv/tdss activity

how to delete entries from the boot list?

Annoying trojan that can't be scanned?

Help With a Start Up Trouble? Possible Virus?

Not sure if i got Virus ?

Display stuck in Unsupported Resolution even in Safe Mode

Putting in and taking out Windows Password

Sharing Excel data with other user

Family laptop hit by virus

Something is at work on my mom's computer

Computer Memory Simply Dissapearing Along With Other Problems (possibly virus?)

Windows Repair Post Removal Issues

Ads Popping up on desktop

Laptop - Forgot Administrator Password / Can't update

Can't get rid of spyware

Games lagging. ( Some very much

Lots of POPUPS

I need help- possible virus/malware

My friend has a problem.

Help! my Pc is infected with spywares!

Please somebody help me before i perminently break my laptop.

PC recently formatted

How to open my homepage from autorun.inf file ?

How to remove the isohunt toolbar?

Error message at start up - annoying!

runnig then not

Problem With Wireless Internet Connectivity

uninstalling deleted software

how do I save Favorites when Re-Installing Windows?

avira malaware being blocked

Deleting web addresses

Unwanted web sites appearing

Infected/viruswebprotect & others

sukoku119.exe how to delet it .

Anti-virus Can't Detect Viruses

xadsj-o.offero. site hijacking my internet

Can't find Virus

slow buffering

RDP screen refresh rate changes?

Issues with Hyperterminal

Booting from OS Disk

Severe Computer Problems

False "Mobile Device" in My Computer.

Help. Viruses!

Remove A drive

Strip Out Unwanted Wares from XP?

reformatting comp

Windows wants to reformat everything.

Malware? Updates? Slooow laptop

Burning disks

Problems with Spyware

Is it normal for GMER to lock up my PC

I have no idea what's infecting my computer

Dell HD Reformat

Think I have virus?

Win32:Trat-C [Drp]/Virtumonde/Vundo Infection? - No clue how to fix

Setting audio properties on many files.

Suspected spyware and trojan

Access to files in Safe Mode

How to delete XP themes?

Klone AGH Trojan How to Remove?

Hide folder

Switching Internet Connection

geting on the internet

How To Setup A Server

Vista to an XP networked printer

Do I have a keylogger?

Had trojans now ADWARE is bugging me

Everything Wiped (including windows 7) From Laptop

Potential Infection - Unresponsive Computer

PC infected with samuk

How to restore everything after factory resetting Galaxy S6? [moved to android forum]

facebook youtube bot/spammer/virus

Cleaning my pc before backup (shouldn't be bad)

Torjan/Spyware in my pc. I have no idea

Random Pop-Ups + System Alert Bubble~

Rbot-YB? Have popups & Keeps changing IE properties

Malware/ Spyware Problem

Problem with pop-ups. maybe worse

Hotmail Hack (1)

Virus in my system!

Installing a network card?

Bad reinstall

details of how many systems connected to printer

.lnk Help

Network Connections wizard does not complete VPN setup

tweak network / reset?

Malware Pop Ups Redirects etc

external hd problem

driver file unzipped on desk top

Porting OS to another drive

Win Anti Virus Pop-ups

Re: Cleaning up sluggish computer

help changing user name

Keep USB slots powered in sleep mode

How do I remove a file totally

admin stuff: Users' access to programs

formatted and reinstalled windows

Hiding utorrent process

bad virus infected start up.

Image file refuses to boot.

Suspect Malware problem - can you help review attached log?

Virtual pc running in Vista 64bit for Metal Fatigue PC game

Move Applications Software?

making it discoverable?

Transfering Files in CMD

Changing OS from one HDD to another

Can't foward outlook e-mail

Browser leads on unexpected websites

reinstalled os to different partition?

Help with virus/malware

Annoying Redirection to Commercial Sites/Popups

Got virus need help

How to send on Outlook Express w/ SBCglobal.net isp

Search's redirect

Drive Erasing

Re: Suspect Malware Interdns.exe/MicerDNS - Dimension PC - Need Help Cleaning

Help me figure out my virus please!

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