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95% cpu

Explorer.exe rises to 50% cpu when browsing network drivers

High cpu levels could be virus

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CPU usage 100%

Processor running at constant 50%+

cpu usage high

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cpu working while idle

High CPU usage WIN7

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Computer cpu Used up randomly

CPU usage at 100% always

help please update cpu maxing out

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100 % CPU Usage. Please HELP!

CPU Usage 100% when online

100% CPU usage almost constantly. HELP!

cpu runs high

High CPU usage

high cpu usage - slowing computer!

LSASS.exe spiking CPU usage to 80% and up

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Slow Boot CPU 100%

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CPU usage always 100%?

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100% CPU usage

CPU 100%

Acer Aspire 5517 acting crazy!

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Cpu Usage 100% - Hijack This Log

100% PCU usage! HELP!

100% cpu usage while watching online videos or surfing

Task manager shows 100% use of CPU

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