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Slow System Response

Computer Running VERY Slow - Can't Figure It Out

Computer Slowdown

everything is slow on this pc

Computer crashed and now resolution is messed up and internet browsing is laggy.

Computer acting a little slow.

computer running slow - can somebody help with hijackthis log?

Computer seems slower than normal

Windows 7 computer runs very slow-no obvious reason?

computer running slower than usual

Slow startup up - Malware problem?

PC slow probably due to a spyware

Slow Computer - Virus?

heres my new scans help plz my computer is running so slow!

Big problems slow proformance

Computer Sluggish

NEW computer is SLOOOOW

computer MUCH slower - please help

Computer Going Real Slow - Possible virus?

Slow Computer/ No Downloads or Updates

Computer very slow and spyware problem?

Computer running ok Brower and Downloads Slow

Computer acting really slow

Slow Performance due to Malware

Computer becomes real slow

Computer becoming slower and slower

Computer running incredibly slowly

Slow pc possible virus.

computers slower

Many Spyware make my PC run bad.

Computer acting unusually slow?

slower computer and other problems

Why is my computer running so sluggishly? log included

Slow Computer with Issues

malware resolved but now slow computer

Slow Computer - possible Hijack

computer running very slow ! if u could just check my hijackthis log please please

computer slower than it should be

Computer running slow -> freezing

Requesting Help with Virus/Spyware/SLOWWWW PC.

Sluggish and Choppy PC performance

Sudden performance problem (crashes/freezes/slowness)

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