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Computer Freezes Every 20 minutes

Computer freezes for a brief moment

Computer freezes up

Random freezings ang BSODs

Computer freezes on boot-up

Computer Freezing At Regular Intervals

Computer Freezes when trying to connect to Internet Explorer

Random small freezes

Problems with freezeups

Windows freezes at start-up

desktop freezez

Windows 7 locking Up when accessing Internet

Freeze during bootup

internet freezes desktop

Computer freezes

freezing and computer turning off

Computer freezing randomly please help

Computer stops responding after short time

Computer freezes often and won't recover without manual shutdown

Computer Freezing

computer freezing on startup

Computer freezes for 5-10 seconds every minute [XP SP3]

DDS causes my computer to freeze up

Random freezing with buzzing sound from speakers

Windows XP is freezing during playing any video

windows freezing up

Computer is frozen at startup

Computer freezes after being on for 10-20 mins

Constant freezing whilst Gaming/watching youtube video's

Computer freezes very often. Power problem as well. Please help!

Desktop freeze

PC randomly freezing/turning off

Frequent short freezes

Computer freezes after about 20 minutes

PC started freezing

Win 8.1 Hard Hangs New Computer

Static in speakers.then Frozen

YouTube freezes entire PC

Strange crashes during games

Unexplained Accounts page freezing

Control Panel - 'Appearances and Themes' freezes then shuts down

computer freezes when I connect to the internet

Computer freezing during screensaver

All programs freeze every 10-15 minutes! Help!

Computer Frezzes

Computer freezes during operation at random

Vista freezes on resume from sleep mode

Computer freezes under medium to heavy load.

Windows Freezes

Video/audio files freeze & crash.

Computer was freezing

Freezing issues.

1 second freeze and buzzing

Pc Freezes For 15-20 Minutes After Windows Welcome Screen

Computer constantly freezes

Computer freezes while playing online games

PC continuously freezing

Computer stalls

Crashing with buzzing noise?

Win 7 freezes during and after start up.

PC hangs on startup

Computer Lags every 5 minutes!

Programs freezing and random reboots

pc freeze on startup

Streaming Video Crashes my computer!

Constant Lockups/Freezes

Computer crashing and software freezing

IE hanging after 15 mins

Computer Freezes/Locks Upon Video Playback

Different programs freeze same way

PC hangs during video playback

Win 7 freezes often/periodically for minutes at a time


System shuts down while idle and then fails restore on bootup

Computer randomly freezes in various parts of general startup

freezing problems

Computer Freezes at Startup

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